Safest Countries for MICE Travel

In an August post I shared a few of my safety tips for staying safe when traveling alone. This month let’s share the safest MICE countries in the world according to the C&IT July 6th article.
  1. Iceland – the most peaceful country in the world.
  2. Denmark – often praised for its safety, efficiency, and sustainability.
  3. Canada – known for its safety, stability, and hospitality.
  4. Australia – APAC’s safest MICE country.
  5. Slovenia – low crime rates and terrorism risk.
  6. Japan – safety-conscious culture.
  7. Switzerland – renowned for safety, stability, and cleanliness.
  8. Singapore – known for its cleanliness, low crime rate and strict regulations.
Note: all listed countries have reliable infrastructure and cities with hotels and venues that can accommodate all types of MICE programs.

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