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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We earn your trust and business one meeting at a time.

A: As an independent agent, your program requirements are our top priority rather than trying to “sell” a particular brand or hotel. When you deal directly with the hotel, you may never know what is being offered by a competitor. We know that time is money, and in today’s economy, our clients are stretched for both. We do the research and provide you options that fit your needs and budget while you remain in control. Our relationships and methodology help us to navigate the process faster and more efficiently, and our negotiation skills translate into proven cost savings!

Help when something unexpected happens: Today more than ever organizations appreciate the extra value of GC assisting them when something unexpected happens rather than going it alone. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic our team worked with clients and suppliers to obtain mutually beneficial scenarios for programs that needed to be changed, modified, or cancelled at NO cost to them and NO compensation to GC. So, whether it is an attrition issue, cancellation fee, mitigation, or something else unexpected, it makes good sense to have an advocate on your side.

A:  As long as GC is considered the agent of record with the selected hotel, there are no charges for our services. Like a broker relationship, the hotels and venues compensate us directly once the program has executed, which is standard industry practice.

A:  No. Our fee typically comes out of a separate marketing budget and in most cases the hotel contract stipulates that quoted rates are not inflated due to GC’s involvement. Moreover, we earn our clients the best possible rates and concessions by utilizing competitive bidding, keen negotiation skills, proprietary information, and industry relationships.

A:  None. We work objectively for you and have access to all relevant brands, chains, and independents. In addition, by utilizing our local knowledge from a worldwide team; we may even come up with a few surprises for that unique program request!

A:  Absolutely not! Our job is to make your job easier. All contracts are signed between our clients and the hotel, maintaining total transparency and our clients remain in control of all decisions from start to finish. Consider us a trusted advisor that works behind the scenes.  We Provide; You Decide.

A:  GC is a women owned company (WBENC) with over 70 professionals in 20+ countries. We pride ourselves on using our H.I.R.E philosophy (honesty, integrity, respect, and earned trust) in all our business transactions and the collaborative nature of our global team. Additionally, we are a relationship company; available when you need us. But, most importantly, we bring a high level of expertise to the table; global hotel and venue selection and assistance with contracting is what we do all day, every day.

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