Time is Running Out

There is still a window to book your program for 2023 or first quarter 2024, but time is running out!

Don’t wait too much longer to book your end of year board meeting, incentive, or meeting and your first quarter 2024 events.

  1. Use the remainder of your budget NOW before it gets rolled over into next year.
  2. Due to limited staffing, hotels and venues may be limiting the number of programs they can service. Make your arrangements before they book out.
  3. Turndowns are at a record high; finding the right location and space at the right value, continues to be challenging.
  4. Costs are continuing to rise, so it makes budgetary sense to lock in the program sooner rather than later.
  5. Repeat events? Many brands/hotels offer additional concessions for multi-year contracts.
While the booking window is still noticeably short, you shouldn’t wait to book your upcoming events and meetings. Costs are going up, service challenges remain, and hotels and venues are becoming very selective. In addition, working with inexperienced sellers and incomplete RFP responses can increase the turnaround time. Our group of professionals stands ready to help find the best hotel or venue for your next meeting or event at no cost to you.

Why not let our professionals help save you time and money, at no cost or obligation? It’s what we do all day every day! Contact us today at info@globalcynergies.com to get started!