What We Do

Worldwide Hotel and Venue Sourcing

Global Cynergies works with companies and organizations that plan offsite meetings in hotels, resorts, and conference centers. Helping clients with meeting needs that include hundreds, thousands or even as few as 10 room nights, we utilize our collective knowledge, procurement methodologies and relationships in more than 150 countries to save them time and money. After one call to this global team, you can move on to other priorities while remaining in control and making the final decisions; all at no cost to you.

Contract Negotiation Assistance

Keeping track of rate histories, industry norms and conditions in your local marketplace can be challenging, never mind what is happening on the other side of the world. Global Cynergies is comprised of industry experts with in-depth knowledge of hotels and venues who understand how to negotiate and structure the commercial aspects of the program to bring the most value to an organization. You can be confident that Global Cynergies is working objectively on your behalf.

Product and Destination Knowledge

Considering a change of destination or venue for your next program but don’t have the time or know where to start?  As an added value to our clients, Global Cynergies can assist in determining the most advantageous destination for your program by preparing a business brief based on specific variables which may include airlift, value offers, destination incentives, and the scope and size of the meeting, just to name a few. Given all of the variables, we’ll even suggest a sample of destinations/venues to keep your meeting innovative and/or attractive to participants.

Site Inspection Assistance

Preparing an executive summary and detailed report outlining the applicable hotels/venues for a program in a comparative, yet easy to digest, format is one of the many differences in working with professionals from Global Cynergies. Our team member will consult with you as you review the options, follow-up with any remaining questions, and assist you as you shortlist the available venues. Once selected, Global Cynergies can coordinate site inspection visits as appropriate. Experience the difference that working with a world-wide team of experts can make!

Problem Resolution and Penalty Mitigation

In a perfect world everything goes as planned; BUT in the event something unexpected does happen, such as program cancellation or penalty due to mitigation, Global Cynergies is there to assist. In many cases, based upon our global relationship with a property or brand, the ability to rebook a program within our internal network, and/or our objective review of the issues, we may be able to help resolve the problem in a favorable manner for all parties.