How We Do It

Hotel and Venue Search

After consulting with our client to gain a complete understanding of the meeting requirements and goals, we:

  • Conduct extensive research using in-house technology, proprietary data, industry resources, and collective personal knowledge to determine which properties meet the needs of the meeting.
  • Create and send program specific request for proposals (RFPs) to appropriate properties.
  • Collect responses from the properties, including follow-up as necessary.
  • Present available options in an easy to read, comparative report.
  • Assist in contract negotiations to ensure the best overall value and contract provisions based on local industry norms.
  • Liaise with hotel through contract signature. (All contracts are signed between hotel and the client.)
  • Assist in transition to conference management after contract signature.


Experts when you need them! Global Cynergies has created a process that is guaranteed to save time and money. Our procurement team oversees the request for proposal (RFP) process to ensure all appropriate venues and special offers have been considered. In addition, they ensure that our process is conducted consistently, from preparation of our comparative report of venue options, to contract review and negotiations, to cost savings analysis, to review of the program after departure.  Our procurement specialists are available for consultation and actively provide additional solutions and options to our team members to secure the best results for our clients.

Comparative Analysis Report

Decision making made easy! We make it easy for you to compare the applicable hotel and venue options for a program by providing a comparative report that compiles all venue responses and assimilates the data into an “apples to apples” comparison that includes an Executive Summary, as well as a detailed report that drills down to the specifics.  This report provides an objective overview of competitive options and serves as a starting point for contract negotiations.

Industry Contract Review

Additional savings! Once a property is selected, Global Cynergies requests the contract from the hotel and performs an initial review to ensure it reflects what has been agreed to in the negotiation process. While we recommend that contracts be reviewed our clients legal counsel, Global Cynergies will review the commercial terms and conditions in light of local industry norms and provide any recommended changes to our clients (attrition, cancellation, complimentary services, etc.) and facilitate the process until finalized. All contracts are signed between the client and the hotel or venue and the client maintains their relationship with the property.

Cost Savings Analysis

Count the savings! Meetings for one planner to dozens, sourced from one location or many; we can track the savings! Global Cynergies prepares a cost savings report for a specific program or series of programs that outlines the savings based on the original bid through to final costing, including all quantifiable elements. Our data shows that average cost savings for our clients have ranged from 10 to 25%, with some as high as 45%.