Message From CEO

Message from CEO

Working with diverse teams of people in global markets for over 25 years has given me a unique perspective on synergy. While many use the term, few may know how to practice it. When I formed Global Cynergies (our name says it all!) in 2008 it was with the vision to build a global company comprised of a select group of individuals from around the world who share the same values of honesty, integrity, respect and trust in their business practices, but also understand the value in sharing ideas and being part of a team bigger than oneself. From our technology platforms, to our procurement methodology, to our consultative approach, to our focus on relationships – synergy is our mindset.

While we are passionate about the hotel and venue sourcing business, being part of a diverse group of people that continually benefits from each other’s cultural and experiential differences to a shared success is synergy in motion.

Experience the difference
Pat Durocher