Corporate Social Responsibility

At Global Cynergies we believe we have a responsibility to our clients, team members, suppliers and the communities in which we live and work to meet needs in a way which is corporately and socially responsible, while embodying our commitment to honesty, integrity, respect and earned trust in all of our business practices.

People-Social Directives

  • Staff – Diverse, connected, unlimited opportunity
  • Clients – Consultative, transparent, effective
  • Suppliers – Partners, collaborative, efficient
  • Meeting Needs – Jobs, family, lifestyle, community

Planet-Environment Directives

  • Communication – Virtual, electronic, paperless
  • Green Meetings – Best practices
  • GC Head Office – Energy star build, efficient operations, recycling program
  • Meeting Needs – Ongoing education, sustainable practices

Profit-Social Directives

  • HIRE – Honesty, integrity, respect and earned trust
  • Value – Average savings of 10 to 25%
  • Stewardship – Sound business practices
  • Meeting Needs – Support local communities