Team Member Spotlight with Jessica Geppert



You joined Global Cynergies last October and attended our meeting in Hamburg followed by IMEX Frankfurt; can you describe your experience?  My experience at the GC meeting in Hamburg followed by IMEX Frankfurt was incredible!  I had never been “hosted” prior to that experience, and was absolutely amazed at the level of professionalism, class, and service we were met with.  VIP treatment was constant from the greeting to the farewell.  In a location like Hamburg, the sites we visited were modern and advanced, however, most also came with an incredible history.

The team meetings felt more like college orientation.  Everyone was from somehwere different brought together by the same goals.  We had the privilege of learning from the HQ staff as well as sharing personal knowledge and experiences with each other. 

Your husband is in ministry and travels quite a bit; is there a country you have visited that stands out? My husband is a pastor and Christian missionary.  In 2007, I had the privilege of traveling with him to Lhasa, Tibet.  Although Tibet has a tragic history, to the naked eye it seemed to be completely untouched by changing times.

The people still wore traditional clothing, the homes were simple, and the marketplace was full of stalls that sold everything from homemade brooms to handcrafted jewelry.  There was not a building over two stories high, with the exception, of course, of Potala Palace. 

We were there to oversee the screening of children for congenital heart disease.  There was, at that time, a high rate of death among children due to holes in the heart.  Doctors of multiple religions and countries worked together to screen every child brought to the hospital and ensure proper treatment was administered to those in need.  My job was to entertain the nervous children as they waited for their appointment.  Most had come from all over the Tibetan countryside.  Lhasa, to them, was foreign compared to their mountain village where they lived in homes heated by burning yak dung.  Language was a barrier, but when balloons or stickers were introduced, the children instantly relaxed and smiled.

Tibet is my favorite place because of the work I was blessed to be a part of.  I was able to work beside Pediatric Cardiologists, I was immersed into a rare culture, and played a (VERY) small role in seeing that the lives of several children were saved.


What do you like to do in your free time? These days my free time is spent jogging, reading, or testing new recipes!


“My first international meeting will take place in Jerusalem, Israel in October of 2019.  Suffice it to say, the fact that I have only been with GC less than a year is evident as my rookie questions have flooded the inboxes of Roger, Jenn, Judy, and Pat!  Each time I have reached out, however, my emails have been returned promptly and politely.  They are always encouraging, teaching, and supporting me.  Also, I have found tremendous appreciation for GC Connections. That platform, and my colleagues, have been my lifeline on countless occasions.  ”