Team Member Spotlight with Dinora Harwood



You are celebrating your 3rd Year with Global Cynergies, What’s the best part of joining an organization like Global Cynergies? Global Cynergies offers an outstanding industry experienced team that that provides world class venue sourcing services to clients.  That worldwide connection in turn is a benefit to me as a consultant because of the support we provide each other when needing expertise in areas of the world where we are not as familiar with.

You have attended several of our GC meetings and events, how has this helped you develop your business? The small intimate setting of our Business Advancement Meetings offers amazing site inspection opportunities while also taking advantage of the networking and brainstorming that occurs during these meetings in an effort to develop and improve our personal business and help us meet our sales goals. 


Where is your favorite place to travel? Personally the world is my favorite destination.  Love to experience and stimulate all my senses when traveling with the different smells, tastes, sight, sound, and touch. Each destination has its own magic, so it is very difficult for me to choose a favorite place other than saying the “WORLD” is my favorite place.

“Global Cynergies is a boutique company with an outstanding worldwide team of consultants that focus on the customization clients really need for each client in order to select the best venue when sourcing their next meeting”

For the past 3 years Dinora Harwood has helped me plan my yearly User Conference and Prospect Seminars. Each year the events take place in a different city and sometimes a different country. Her research on each city is impeccable. Always providing me with great hotels, catering, transportation and banquet options, all while keeping me within budget. My first call is always to Dinora to help me with each event.

Mary Haughey
Marketing Manager
CSB System