Team Member Spotlight with Kathleen McIntosh



Would you consider yourself an active business user on social media? Yes, absolutely. Social media is a great way to communicate and start a relationship, but nothing compares to in person and face to face. And thank goodness for that, for those of us in the meetings industry!

What platforms are you the most active on? Linkedin, Instagram and my group travel blog

How would you describe the level of support offered by GC? The GC team is incredibly supportive, knowledgeable with decades of global industry experience and relationships. Starting with a thorough onboarding program, procurement support and in six years of being on the Global Cynergies team, anytime I’ve had a question or needed support someone from the HQ team was there to assist.  Also the industry trade shows we participate in as a team and the GC regional meetings are invaluable. 


What is your top destination on places to travel? Personally? Anywhere in the south of France or Italy along the Mediterranean is always a favorite and recently an incredible trip to Croatia, including Dubrovnik, Montenegro and Split on the Adriatic Sea and not to mention our very own Napa Valley. Heaven on earth! An ideal location for every type of group program or retreat.

“Global Cynergies has an amazing worldwide team with decades of industry experience that offers quality, hands-on support both internally and with our preferred partners and clients around the world. Always progressing, a leader in the meetings industry and very philanthropic with various organizations making a local and global impact”