Team Member Spotlight with Cindy Hughes



How would you describe the Global Cynergies “culture”? The culture of Global Cynergies is amazing, there is a sense of “team and family” and it begins with of our CEO, Pat Durocher and her strong beliefs and moral compass.  In the seven years that I have enjoyed being a part of this team I have always felt supported by HQ and by my fellow GC teammates.

You are approaching 7 Years with Global Cynergies can you describe your journey thus far? When I started with GC I was like a deer in headlights, I had been out of the industry for awhile and had to relearn some of the terminology and techniques.  I had just moved from Arizona to the big city of Toronto, so I knew no one and had no network.  But I had a great deal of support and encouragement from HQ, and once I started making calls and networking then I took off. 


You are/were a resident of AZ, moved to Canada, and moved back to AZ; can you comment on the ability to service clients from any location and how that worked for you? With the tools and resources and support that GC provides we can work from anywhere.  As long as you have yourself organized and have the proper equipment and most importantly the DRIVE, you can be successful anywhere.  This is the beauty of this opportunity!

What is your favorite vacation destination and why? Where do I begin…. With this job I have had the opportunity to enjoy many unique destinations and in my personal travel I have as well.  I would say that Stockholm was one of my favorite cities to visit, the museums and gorgeous buildings and an absolute must is the Abba Museum!  Take the ferry to the nearby archipelagos for a day trip, just stunning!  I also love Santa Fe, there is an aura there, so much history and the smell of the mesquite fires in the chimineas, breakfast at Café Pasqual’s – get the Christmas Chile and the adobe architecture is stunning.  Oh and there’s the ferry ride from Vancouver, BC to Victoria Island…. I can go on and on!


“I love this company, there is such a sense of family.  If you work hard and smart and have a plan you can truly succeed, be your own boss, have unlimited income and work from home, what’s not to love about that! ”