Team Member Spotlight with Melissa Wiley



You joined GC almost a year ago and you started off 2019 as a GC Top Producer of the Month. Can you share a few tips on how you connect with clients? I only use two social media platforms because we are constantly bombarded with visual tech. I use them to make the initial connection but rely on phone calls or face to face meetings to develop the relationship. Yes, it takes a little more time and effort but I find it works best for me.

You have attended several of our GC meetings and events, how has this helped you? The GC meetings are a “shot in the arm” that energizes me and gives me an opportunity to develop relationships with my colleagues. I love the education and round table discussions, because every single one helps me to think differently and gives some really great ideas on how to improve my performance as an AE. They’ve also provided some first hand knowledge about destinations that equips me with an increased level of expertise when I’m speaking to clients.

You have plans to move to Hong Kong with your daughter when she graduates, what are you currently doing to develop a business that is portable? What excites you most about the possible move? We are truly blessed to be able to have successful careers we can do from anywhere. I’ve met clients in many destinations simply by traveling myself. I think of it as, if you want to buy milk, you go to where they sell it. If I want to increase my business then I go to where business travelers can be found, the airports, hotels, convention centers etc. I use the time in traveling to listen to the conversations around me, then when I hear someone talking about their ‘pain points’ regarding travel or meetings, I initiate a conversation with them. I don’t jump right to how I can solve their problem. I ask about them, their company, where they’re headed, and then I listen. People will tell you so much, not only what you’re wanting to hear but so much more. They really love to see I’m actively listening to them and giving them my full attention. It is the first block of the foundation in the relationship. They know I will always pay attention to them because I did before they were even clients.


What is one of your favorite things about summer time? The beach. Being from Colorado, I used to dream about the ocean, sand, and sun. To me it is my personal paradise, a place to recharge and let the ocean breeze erase my stress.


“About a year ago, I made a career move and it has been one of the best decisions in my life. GC being a Certified Women Owned business, having incredible leadership, and has a way of becoming family. I’m one of the ‘toddlers’ (1yr anniversary is in April). I love to connect people with the team so they can discover if this a right fit for their families.

In an age of economic uncertainty and ever-changing world of travel, I sincerely feel (and career growth proves) Global Cynergies gives the support, education, and opportunity to put the controls of my success back in MY hands and not a boss or organization. If I can dream it, GC can help me achieve it! “