Team Member Spotlight with Meryl Clark



Congratulations on your recent 2018 Achievement “Rock Star” Award.  Can you share what your journey has been like with Global Cynergies? It is an honor to be selected as January’s Account Executive for Global Cynergies so thank you.  In September of 2018, I celebrated my second anniversary with Global Cynergies and it was the year that I started to see repeat business from my clients.  I build trust with my clients and continue to nurture the relationships.  Some clients did not return but I am pleased to say that several did and I picked up a few new ones.  I’ve learned that building your business does take time and persistence.  There are good days and there are not so good days but you must always have a positive attitude.

The majority of my client base continues to come from referrals and people I know.  From the time I started with Global Cynergies I have consistently prospected with monthly newsletters, articles of interest to particular clients, attend events and stay active with my professional organizations.  This year, I was elected as the Chairman of the Certification Committee of the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Virginia Chapter and I teach the CMP Certification Course twice a year. I think it is important to stay active in the events industry and to highlight that to your clients and prospects.  It is another way of marketing yourself.

You attended the Administrative Professionals Conference this year and as an exhibitor at another conference, can you share some of your networking and preparation strategies when attending these events. Having participated as an exhibitor at previous organizations, I was “all in” when the opportunity to participate at the APC event in Orlando became available.  I am all about trying new avenues for prospecting and marketing yourself.  It is clear that meeting people face to face is key to developing relationships and letting the APC community know what we do.  I also participate in one day events in Washington, DC, showcasing our services to government and industry experts in the government IT arena. 

Exhibit/stand opportunities require a significant amount of time and money to execute them effectively. To help with the cost, teaming with fellow Global Cynergies account executives helps.  Before you commit to these activities and determine who will team with you, I highly recommend developing goals and objectives as well as an action plan with hard deadlines and responsibilities including financial obligations and your strategy for obtaining leads and following up on those leads.

Execute a working budget and determine the financial responsibilities of everyone involved right from the start and get it in writing.  We all have different ideas on what works but there is a science to doing exhibits/stands effectively and you need to work with people who understand the exhibit/stand industry. 


What is your favorite destination and why? Wow!  That is a difficult one because I’ve been to many destinations that I love.  I had the opportunity to visit Vietnam for 10 days.  And, I went with a friend of mine who is Vietnamese who spoke the language and took us to areas in the country that we typically would not be able to see as an everyday tourist or event attendee.  I am not sure I will have the chance to return so I do treasure the memories of that trip.

“- Prospect every day like your life depends on it.

– Have a positive attitude and show that attitude in your correspondence, your phone voice and your presence when you meet people face to face.

– Follow up on a consistent basis with clients.  Even if you do not have an update, let them know you don’t have an update.  Stay connected.

– Don’t give up.  As long as they have not said “No”, keep at it.  Be persistent. 

– It is about relationships.  I continue to hone my skills on how to approach clients and prospects as a valuable resource that will help them instead of someone who is just trying to sell.

– Be creative on how you approach your prospects.  Customized newsletters, videos, thank you notes in the mail.  Everyone gets a lot of email.  How can you stand out?

– Have fun!