Team Member Spotlight with Ursula Belanger



What made you decide to join Global Cynergies? After being laid off from my previous job I decided to take charge of my own destiny and finally realize my dream of becoming an entrepreneur while applying my 25+ years of experience in the hospitality industry. I had researched various hotel and venue sourcing companies and when Judy contacted me via LinkedIn I was excited. Global Cynergies ticked all my boxes: it operates on a truly global basis (currently in 29 countries), it is a “boutique”, high-end organization, it allows for strategic growth and development, and it stands out in its commitment to corporate and social responsibilities.

You have received several recommendations from clients; what key services makes the relationship work for them? Foremost are the obvious benefits of saving my clients time and money. As an example, I recently counted the email traffic on an average inquiry that went through me rather than through the client; there were well over 100 communications related to the sourcing of the best available venue options that my client did NOT have to deal with.

My clients also rely on my network and knowledge of venues as well as my expertise as it relates to negotiating terms and contracts. Plus, they appreciate me setting up their site inspections and being able to use me as their resource for any questions they may have.


You recently became a Canadian citizen; what made you decide to do that?

It had been my desire for a long-time to become a Canadian citizen, but it was not an option for me as my home country did not support dual citizenship. I was not ready to turn my back on the country I grew up in and where my family still resides. Finally, the rules relaxed, and after having spent an equal number of years in my home country and in Canada, I am now a dual citizen. Being a Canadian and living in this beautiful country is truly a privilege, and I am proud to call it home. 


“Joining Global Cynergies has provided me with the independence and freedom to carve my own path and reap the fruits of my labour. I work from home, decide on how and how much I want to engage with my customers and apply my entrepreneurial skills. It was a low-risk decision as I am backed up by a fantastic team at head office and an amazing group of colleagues around the world. Working for and with Global Cynergies has exceeded my expectations in all aspects: leadership, tools, integrity, support and earning potential.”