Team Member Spotlight Cecil Burdick



What’s the best part of joining an organization like Global Cynergies? I’ve been doing the 3rd Party thing for nearly two decades and as such, I have always aligned myself with symbiotic organizations.  The support and “global-ness” of Global Cynergies has allowed me to serve my clients

What was your impression of your first GC meeting you attended?
I really felt a part of the team!  The meeting was very well organized with loads of audience participation.  I loved that our CEO, Pat Durocher, was so involved and interactive with the team.


Of all the cities you have visited or worked in, which one have you enjoyed the most and why? Impossible to narrow to just one so here goes and why:

Prague – First European city I ever visited. 

Dubai – Most Western of the 7 Emirates.  First time to ever ride in a Rolls Royce, just to get into the helicopter to fly to our suite at Burj Al Arab.

Chengdu, Shanghai & Beijing – Conducted site inspections with clients to these 3 cities.  It was my first trip to China.  It was also my first (and only) time to ever hold a baby panda.  I call this photo “Pandamonium”.


“Global Cynergies provides me with the support I need including lightning-fast responses from the headquarters team and a network of colleagues I can collaborate with!”