Team Member Spotlight with Lisa Garife



You are celebrating 8 years with Global Cynergies, can you share what your journey has been like? Sure! Let me illustrate it. Perhaps, it’s similar to what others have experienced. Something like this:

We fall in LOVE with this industry as it is full of wonderful, hospitable, genuine, exciting and stunning experiences. Then, we sit at our desk, stare at the computer and wonder why new clients aren’t clamoring to work with us. And, the cold calls? Yikes!! We’d rather jump out of an airplane. Ha! That’s the truth. So, we pound the pavement, knock on doors and build, build, build relationships, client portfolios and knowledge one step at a time. We never give up and we call back, email back and reach out until they literally have said NO at least 7 times. I once followed a client for 18 months. Then, got a $1M piece of business. My investment of time and effort was worth it!!

What are the key elements of success for someone wanting to join GC?

You gotta LOVE people. LOVE them.
You gotta BRING value, but first find out what they need and why.
You cannot SELL and TELL or you’ll be broke.
And, if one word summed it up, that word would be PERSISTENCE.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work? In addition to Global Cynergies, I consult with small business sales people to help them grow their business assets. It is my passion (along with travel, my 3 boys and nature walks!). My greatest joy comes from seeing people (who are dedicated to their own success) realize the fruits of their labor. So rewarding!! 

“There are so many! First, I’ll say this: I am beyond grateful that my HOME is here with GC.
• The quality of individuals inside these walls is a true blessing.
• The support is second to none.
• The integrity aligns with my own.
• The team is my family. “We don’t dabble” as Pat Durocher would say! ”

MLM Company in Utah
Pursued the living daylights out of them. They dodged, stalled, avoided, hid from, and ignored me forever!! Well, that didn’t sit well with me, SO…I assembled a little “spa-kit” for the Director of Events. I created a fun little note and sent it off in the mail. And, yep! Ms. DOE called me, she was ecstatic. And, she happened to be spending much of her time trying to negotiate a contract with the Hotel de Crillon in Paris. This 150 year old hotel DOES NOT negotiate. I loved witnessing her struggle because that’s where I stepped in. What is the VALUE of her time I asked? I asked her to describe that value and what it means to her to have it (or NOT!).

Suffice it to say, the contract WAS fully negotiated on this end. Every red-line accepted and a killer rate to boot. With that outcome, Ms. DOE handed over ALL of her annual events to me so she could enjoy her TIME. It was a beautiful thing.

I am grateful for GC and the opportunity to serve people in this way. XO