Team Member Spotlight with Luna Hanh Nguyen



Can you share a few sentences about your career background and why you chose Global Cynergies.  Studying and working in the hospitality industry is my chosen career path, it has been a colorful and happy route for the past 7 years. As Sales Manager/ Business Development Manager for several 5 star hotels I have been travelling throughout Southeast Asia including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.  In this role I realized that I was limited only to the hotels I represented when it came to providing the right service for the needs of big corporations and associations.

The concept of working with Global Cynergies is exactly what I was looking for because it enables me to provide my clients with the very best options and I receive a lot of support, tools and guidance in the industry. It was a blessing to start doing business right where I am!

What was your impression of the first GC meeting you attended? I attended the IMEX tradeshow in Frankfurt, Germany last May.  I met my colleagues from around the world and the HDQs’ team for the first time.

I received valuable advice, experiences, meeting with several suppliers from international hotel brands, meeting one-on-one with Pat Durocher our CEO, and it was beyond my expectations. After the meeting I returned to my market area with a new mindset; I felt more confident about developing the market and sharing with everyone what I have learned. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again in IMEX 2018.

Did you grow up in Vietnam? What brought you there? I was born in Vietnam, in the small and peaceful town of Dalat.  I move to Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon city) because it is an international business hub. This city was named as the world’s 2nd most dynamic city at the World Economic Forum meeting in 2017.  It’s an advantage for young people in Gen Y like myself, finding my own network for business.


What are some of your hobbies or activities you like to do?  I am a nature lover, therefore I love traveling to places where I can see the beach, mountains, flowers fields, forests, etc. I am curious by nature and I love to read and learn as much as I can about everything, including different cultures and behaviors from people around the world. It’s amazing working with GC as it allows me to meet friends and colleagues from around the world.  I feel very lucky to learn from my colleagues every day. 

” Global Cynergies allows me to work together with colleagues from around the world while living my dream as an independent, international hotel and venue finder.”