Team Member Spotlight with Oriel Mitchell



Oriel, you have consistently won awards like Spirit of GC, Silver, Gold, Platinum Circle, and Top Producer (won 2011) since 2009; what inspires you to consistently meet your goals?  I just like working with my clients to ensure I am presenting them with the best options suited to their requirements and presenting any other services they may need for their conference.

What is your favorite thing about the opportunity with GC?  I love that we can sell any property in the world to any client anywhere in the world – not many companies offer that kind of geographical freedom.

Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why? We are privileged to visit some lovely destinations in the course of our work, but I think my favorite place in the world must be northern Sardinia because of it’s mesmerizing turquoise sea and of course you are never far away from a delicious plate of spaghetti alle vongole or a plate of porchetta that’s been roasted over myrtle branches -that’s my idea of Paradise!


You show dogs, how did you get started doing that? I started showing my dogs to try and bring awareness of the breed – there are very few of them in southern Europe but because they aren’t indigenous to Europe they aren’t even considered to be a rare breed over here.