Team Member Spotlight Shannon Dougherty



You are new to the industry, how did you get off to such a fast start? After building my own health and wellness company from the ground up, I know the time and dedication it takes to run a successful business. Heading down a new career path takes patience, an open mind and a sense of humor. Being able to bounce back from rejection is key. I’m proactive every day and try to talk to as many people as possible. Figure out what type of networking feels right and is the best fit for you, and go for it!

You started your own company, Fit Mom Diet – how did that come to be? Health and fitness has been a passion of mine from a young age as I struggled with weight issues and pregnancy weight gain. My business partner and I wanted to empower Moms to love their bodies. Four years ago, we created Fit Mom Diet, a virtual community filled with free resources to help women and moms achieve their goals and live a balanced lifestyle.

You attended the GC team meeting and IMEX tradeshow in Germany – how did that help you? There was such a buzz of positive energy! Hearing others ask questions and share their struggles and strategies in this business was very helpful. The IMEX conference itself was eye opening to all that is offered in the hospitality world. Attending the conference inspired me to set higher goals for myself and it gave me the motivation I needed to be even more successful.

What are the key elements of success for someone wanting to join GC? Confidence, organization, drive and patience, as well as building friendships and work relationships are all keys to success at GC. You need to have thick skin and not worry about rejection. When you get a YES, treat it like gold and give 110% to do a great job!


Do you think your early success can be partially attributed to you being an entrepreneur?
Bottom-line, I’m a go-getter! What I promote in my health and wellness company carries over to how I run my GC business. If your health is in check and you are taking care of yourself, everything else will eventually fall into place. Incorporate these healthy daily habits for success:
  1. H20: Keep water by your desk and DRINK UP
  2. TIMER:Set a timer every hour to get up and move for 3-5 minutes to get your blood flowing.
  3. EAT: You need to fuel your body and your brain.  It’s easy to get in the groove when working and skip meals. Don’t do it! Set a reminder if needed and prepare food on the weekends. Being able to grab a snack/meal you’ve already prepared makes your lunch breaks quick and efficient.

GC provided an outstanding onboarding program and has been available every step of the way for support. If I don’t understand something, a co-worker is happy to step in for clarification. The support network at GC is unreal; everyone is willing and ready to help!